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Looking for a local locksmith near you?  A locksmith who can be at your property within 30 minutes?

We are on call, around the clock 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We are your Local London Locksmiths.

We are:

  • DBS checked locksmiths
  • A highly trained professional locksmith team
  • A team of 30 skilled locksmiths located all over London
  • A fast and speedy service, on average 30 minutes arrival
  • Certified by the UK Locksmith Association
  • offering a comprehensive Locksmith Service

Our Services

We offer a 24/7 emergency service for those times where you need a locksmith in a hurry. One of our dedicated team will be with you in approximately 30 minutes.

We deliver a comprehensive service helping people who have been locked out, locked in, or just need a local locksmith service to enhance property security, no matter what it is, we can help.

247We offer the following locksmith services:

  • Lock replacements
  • Lockouts
  • Door opening
  • Car door opening
  • Lock Installation
  • Window Boarding
  • Security survey
    (Our locksmith can visit your premises and undertake a security survey. We will analysis the current security of your home and prepare a written list of recommendations which we can then help you with.)

All our locksmiths have been trained to handle most door and locks types and we are also trained in non-destructive entry, meaning no damage to your door.

We work with all types and brands of locks including, Sterling, Abus, ERA, Yale and many more.


In addition to our regular locksmith services, we also provide the following:

  • Alarms – Our alarm systems allow you to monitor their status by connecting directly to your smart phone.
  • CCTV – Our CCTV systems connect directly to your smartphone allowing you to keep an eye on your home around the clock.
  • Security Safes – We provide a wide range of safes varying in size and weight our largest weighs over 200 kg making extremely difficult to open or steal.

Professional, Qualified and Trusted Locksmiths

All of our locksmiths have been fully trained by some of the best and brightest within the industry, locksmiths who have been working within the locksmithing trade for over 15 years and have vast amounts of experience.abs-locks

Our Customers

We work with both residential and commercial clients to bring safety, security and peace of mind.

We work with clients from a variety of different industries and include clubs, property management companies, the NHS, London councils, housing associations, Landlords, private residents and many more.

We have accounts with a large number of commercial customers, if you would be interested in such a partnership which is mutually beneficial to both parties please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Helpful locksmith tips

Many of our locksmiths and engineers have been working for Local Locksmiths for over 3 years and during their time with us have come across many different locksmith scenarios, some of which could have been avoided with a little more thought for security.

Our locksmiths have collectively come together to write these helpful tips for you.

  1. A strong lock as well as a strong frame are both essential in order to ensure your door is force resistant. Ensure your door is equipped with a strong lock which meets British standard 3621 Additionally Birmingham and London bars can be used to help strengthen the frame and stop it from splitting and weakening.
  2. Locks range in price considerable, the higher the price the higher the security level is generally. We always recommend 3 star locks which start from approximately £80 each lock. We advocate the Avocet, 3 star ABS lock, which is a magnetic lock and is built with anti-pick and anti-snap properties. These keys come with a card which must be presented to a locksmith before the key can be cut ensuring you and only you can get these keys cut.
  3. Garages are often forgotten about when it comes to home security and is actually one of the most vulnerable areas of the home especially if you have a door linking the home and the garage. We suggest getting one of our trusted locksmiths to install a garage defender as well as deadbolts to your garage. Additional, security measure which can be taken these include covering all garage windows stopping any opportunist criminal from see the garages contents.

Sheds are another forgotten area of the home. We suggest covering the windows and purchasing a standalone alarm, which will emit a high-pitched sound when activated, alerting anyone nearby.


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